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players drama course covers ~ Acting, Singing & Dance.

Developing their personal voice through drama. Acting is so much more than performance it is about the ‘life skills’ your child will develop which sets them up nicely for the future.  Boosting their self confidence, self esteem through interaction with others in the development of drama exercises.

After nearly 20 years at the players drama school we feel we have the right combination of a creative drama process with the emphasis being on both Theatre Training & Self Development.




These classes are jam packed with all the necessary juicy ingredients for starting children on their way to creative beings ~ Expressive use of body and voice.

Acting Techniques, Playmaking, playwriting, Collaborative Improvisations/devised work.

Voice & Speech to be heard and understood.

Movement is an important feature at our school as they serve to free the child’s energy and emotions as well as developing great awareness for character study.


Singing (or make a noise)


We introduced Singing for performers to strengthen their speaking voice for the stage.  Not necessarily to make perfect singers, but along the way we have heard some gorgeous tunes.

These classes are designed for pupils to enjoy using their voices and discover what sounds, noises they’ve not made before ~ again the emphasis on self- development.  

We feel it is important for pupils to practice many styles of singing so they may enjoy the varied sounds their voices can produce.

The theatre again being a great platform for pupils to develop their voices so they can be heard.  Again emphasis on  ‘MAKE A NOISE’ …  ‘Great, a place where you can actually make a noise and it’s okay!’




Half of our pupils already go to dance classes and the other half have never danced.  So how do we help both?  Simple ~ by training our actors, firstly in the basics, then teaching them different styles from different countries and also creating dance forms that they will have lived for that session.

Whilst all along they are enjoying the freeing up through physical expression that only dance can offer. Completely letting themselves go and feeling the thrill of an open space and filling it with creative moves and becoming dancers without realising it.

We also look at ISTD dance syllabus, and of course most importantly this contributes to their weekly exercise.


Self Development
  • Speaking and listening skills therefore developing Good Communication.
  • Aware of themselves as creative beings.
  • Appreciate their own capabilities.
  • During a creative experience their ideas flow rapidly.
  • Organizational skills in devising.
  • Organizational skills as a ‘team leader’
  • Interacting and solving problems with others in the devising and the experience.
  • The ever changing devised situations gives pupils good practice for communication in everyday life.
  • Responding thoughtfully and respectfully to people and situations therefore developing mutual trust.
  • Creative experience affirms their individuality.
  • Making decisions and acting on them.
  • Fire Imaginations and challenge their minds.