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We believe our part time course is one of the best drama training your teenager will experience but don’t take our word for it come and join us for an evening.     Here are just a few examples of our curriculum and what your teenager will take part in ~

Our course is designed to cover ~

The basic principles of Acting techniques  including ~ Looking at devised work and dramatic texts. At this level the devised work being more complex and therefore deepening students techniques and understanding.  This  is a valuable tool for freeing the imagination, exploring and gaining  confidence.  Class exercises focus on spontaneity, remaining present and the power of positive choice.


Creating Physical Character ~  An element in the Actors tool kit that remains one of the most essential to good character communication is the actor’s body.  This class is designed to address the power of creating a physical character, identifying obstacles,  and working to overcome them.  A variety of approaches will be used to enhance the young actor’s physical work.

Voice & Speech ~  Actors need to be heard and understood, this is where some of our ‘time honoured traditions’ come in.  A programme has been devised to make these classes interesting,  other than the usual tongue twisters (but we still use those) We believe in lots of noise making whilst doing a vocal workout. 

Singing ~  ‘Can’t Sing, Won’t Sing’?! ~ then make a noise!  start loving the sounds your vocals can make.  It is your voice … ‘own it’!!!   Here we combine the classical with the modern again stretching the Actor so they are not ‘stuck’ in one place, making one sound.  Let’s explore our voices and come up with diverse musicality, creating a very special  repertoire of sounds, scales, and knowledge.  Your teenager will come away with an extensive range of songs.

Personal Growth ~ Acting is communication therefore on its own merit it enhances personal growth but we take real care to encourage, nudge, guide in the direction of qualities essential to growing every pupil in life skills.

Master Classes ~ We occasionally have performers  that work in the profession come and take a Master Class with pupils.