The Academy


The New School

The New School has two courses to offer ~ ‘Act Now’ & ‘The Academy’.  We could say ‘Act Now’ is for Adults and ‘The Academy’ for College pupils, but we won’t,  as it is entirely your choice.   In a nutshell ‘Act Now’  is suited to those who would like to expand their mind and challenge themselves in a theatre environment and learning the required skills along the way to performance.  ‘The Academy’  which focuses entirely on training for full time drama schools.  Enjoy our page and see what meets your requirements.  The New School is entirely unique in this area.

Adult Group – ‘Act Now’

Expand your mind and challenge yourself

This is the course you always wanted to do, but didn’t dare … until now! Our unique adult acting classes offer an insight into the processes and techniques of the professional actor in an accessible and fun environment. Ideal for any adult with a passion for drama, this course will not only improve acting skills but will also inspire confidence in other areas of life such as presentation, public speaking and of course confidence in yourself.

Conservatory-style training

In addition to comprehensive in-class instruction, you spend a substantial amount of time practicing the art of theatre – you get to live and breathe it. So if you would like to expand your mind and challenge yourself ~ don’t let your imagination and creativity lie dormant any longer – Act Now!

  •  Self Growth
  • Acting Techniques
  • Character Study
  • Breaking down a scene – its place within the story and the rhythm and pace of the text.
  • Action and Objectives – what do I as this character want and how will I go about getting it
  • Voice and Speech – including breathing and accents!
  • Movement/physical Theatre
  • Improvisation
  • Acting Styles
  • Mask
  • And ‘Performance’
  • Working towards a performance in an intimate space.

Because at  ‘Act Now’  we understand and appreciate that our Adult pupils may wish to audition for full time drama schools you also have the option to join our College group start to build a portfolio of speeches and songs.

The Academy

We are THE LINK  to Full Time Drama Schools

A course designed to bridge the gap between weekend schools and full time drama schools.

The Academy education means learning to explore and interpret the world around you – qualities essential to both your personal growth and the creative process this will enable you to become better equipped to evolve and shape your career. We are here every step of the way to support and guide you.

We train you from the ground up.  By the end of  your course you will develop and attain a professional level of experience, focus, discipline, technique, and versatility through:

Extensive workshop and studio training.

Individual coaching and mentorship.

Experience participating in full scale theatre productions.

With this guidance you become better equipped to evolve and shape your career.

You do not have to have any previous experience.

So come along to one of our classes and see what we offer and how we can tailor a class to meet your requirements.  For example you may only wish to take part in the Acting.

So if you are serious about your drama we are here to help, guide and prepare you in a curriculum that covers a full range of styles, forms and traditions.  The new school academy provides an opportunity for pupils to develop their craft for auditions whether it be for full time drama schools or auditions for shows.  We cover a full range of styles, forms and traditions that will support your individual required needs and put you on that path for auditions.  Here’s what we cover ~


This is designed for continued theatre training in all aspects of acting, voice, speech, physical theatre, dialects and developing theatre material which may be used for auditions. You will build a personal folio of speeches that are suited to your style and audition requirements. Also your responsibility as an actor.


Through improvisation you will free the imagination, gain confidence in developing your ideas. Class exercises focus on spontaneity, remaining present. Improvisation is a wonderful tool for developing courage and flexibility onstage and giving you that extra bit of confidence for auditions.

Musical Theatre

This class introduces students to vocal production, rhythm, and movement, focusing on the interpretation and phrasing all under the umbrella of performance. The session will come together in a presentation of solo and ensemble numbers from the musical theatre repertoire. You will receive a variety of contrasting songs to start building your personal folio that is tailored to your needs.


Again this class will introduce pupils to vocal production, interpretation and phrasing, looking at numbers from both the New Schools musical theatre & contemporary repertoire with the view of performance in an intimate setting.


Enjoy learning the basics of dance, its language. Experience the freedom of dance through our own Contemporary style besides that of jazz and musical theatre styles whether it be as an ensemble piece or soloist. Discover performance in movement. Sell it, Sell it, Sell it!


If you think these Actor preparation workshops can develop your training then please contact the school to enroll 07764 998-771.

Venue: Grimshaw Street (off Church Street), Preston Mondays:   7:00- 10:00